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4th January 2019


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May 4


BBC Africa News

Ethiopia confirms troop withdrawals

Ethiopia has confirmed the withdrawal of troops from Badme, a town formerly contested with Eritrea. This is seen as a concrete sign that the relationship between the two countries has warmed up following a peace agreement signed in July. The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Bio, launches a campaign to fight child marriage and gender-based violence in her country and beyond. An online petition accusing Disney of 'colonialism and robbery' for trademarking the Swahili phrase 'Hakuna Matata' (meaning 'No Problem') gathers over 30000 signatures.

Liverpool's Mo Salah Voted BBC African Footballer Of The Year

Liverpool forward Mo Salah wins BBC African Footballer of the Year; UN warns violence in the CAR could spread to region; And we discover the rock art of Somaliland.

Fire destroys 8,000 electronic voting machines days before DRC polls

A massive fire at a major depot housing voting materials raises suspicions in the DRC.Plus: The Trump administration's strategy to counter China and Russia in Africa. Also: Eritrea's president visits Somalia. But why was Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed not there?

As elections loom in DR Congo, the opposition say security forces have killed two of their supporters

At least two people have been killed in clashes with police on the sidelines of an opposition rally in the east of the DR Congo. Campaigning is on for the Presidential elections in 11 days time. Plus: Mozambique's government gives its opponents - RENAMO - three senior army posts. And: Is sex in a car between consenting adults a crime? We have a view from the police in Nigeria.

African Women in Europe Website.Exchange your views.Reach out to fellow African women all over Europe.

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Coconut Cassava (Muhongo wa Nazi)

Coconut Cassava is my favourite dish. I can eat it for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, love it, love it!! Do you have your favourite dish? Tell us about it...but here is mine..


In the coast of Kenya, it is a popular dish and they call it in Muhongo wa…


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