African Women In Europe Book

This very special book is a celebration of the empowered African woman living, working or running a business in Europe. It showcases the immerse togetherness and strength that African women in Europe share with Women in their homeland Africa.
It is written by African women (and men) who are making a difference in Diaspora and their home countries.

It covers the exchange of ideas, sharing experiences and empowering each other. It is the brainchild of the founder Joy Zenz, who founded the African Women in Europe in 2008.
Every year members meet in one of the cities in Europe. During the networking retreats, members get to learn from each other, ideas and celebrate achievements through the African Women in Europe Awards.

This book gives an opportunity to share these stories and teachings with the wider world.

BBC Africa News

Zimbabwe’s President Promises Fair Elections

President Mnangagwa pays homage to the party and vows to hold free and fair elections; On the fourth anniversary of the start of the civil war in South Sudan we hear the struggle of a refugee; Nigeria’s new railway expansion is given a green light.

What Hopes For DR Congo

The UN declares the crisis in DRC as the highest level of emergency putting the country on a par with Yemen, Syria and Iraq; Government reported to have shut down access to internet at Ethiopian universities; New forms of address out of the political rough and tumble in South Africa.

DR Congo Humanitarian Crisis

Hundreds of thousands children are facing severe hunger and acute malnutrition in Kasai region because of ongoing conflicts. The BBC's Fergal Keane reveals the crisis along Kasia's hunger road. Also in the programme, the drug of choice for Boko Haram's would-be suicide bombers; and the Ghanaian superstar dancehall artist Stonebwoy.

Are climate change pledges helping small farmers in Africa?

The One Planet Summit is underway in Paris... Pledges have been made to reduce climate change, but what is it that Small farmers in Africa actually want from world leaders? The EU is accused of turning a blind eye to abuses by Libyan coastguards who are complicit in people trafficking. Plus the champion boxer awaiting deportation from the UK despite representing England six times

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