“In Africa there is a concept known as ‘ubuntu’ – the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.” ~ Nelson Mandela


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GPS Mentorship Program

What is AWE GPS Mentoring?

AWE GPS Mentoring is a collaborative program between Mentors and Mentees that aims to support African women/Youth residing in Europe due to relocation or education purposes. This also includes mentoring youth in Africa in different sectors like start-up entrepreneurships and students by bridging the gap between academic learning and workplace practices, and developing soft skills and confidence.

AWE GPS Mentorship Objectives

  • Support students and New arrivals to integrate in Europe
  • Support the development of career plans and goals
  • Engage students and New arrivals through professional networks
  • Support African Start-up entrepreneurs in Europe or Africa

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a professional relationship between the mentee and the mentor whereby the mentee benefits from the experience, skills and networks of the mentor. It operates for a specific period of time and has clear objectives.

Your role as a mentor is to develop essential skills by asking the mentee to reflect on their experiences and abilities, using your experiences to give contextual examples and facilitate progress towards goals.

The Mentoring Pathways programme is focused on personal development and career development.

Why should I become a mentor?

Becoming a mentor can be a truly rewarding experience. You can gain the following benefits from participating in the programme:

*Take part in a training session to develop your mentoring skills (Two evening session of two hours = total 4 hours of training) that may complement your CPD and enhance your CV

  • Broaden your networks with the Mentee
  • Share your knowledge and experience to support Mentee to achieve their goals
  • Develop soft skills such as listening, communication, influencing and negotiation skills
  • Have the opportunity to meet and share your experiences with other mentors
  • Gain a sense of achievement and for mentors, giving something back to Society.

What do you expect from a mentor

As a mentor you should:

  • Display role model behaviour in terms of good communication skills, punctuality and commitment
  • Encourage your mentee to reflect regularly on their objectives and development areas
  • Offer support and encouragement but let your mentee take responsibility for action
  • Challenge your mentee to consider different perspectives and solutions
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Be prepared to share good practice and expertise within the workplace
  • *Show a willingness to expose your mentee to your professional networks
  • Commit to meeting once a month and keep in touch by phone and email between times
  • Keep in touch with AWE GPS Mentoring Project, if there are any issues and contribute to the evaluation practices of the programme.

How are mentees matched to a mentor?

Mentees are matched with a mentor who can best facilitate the objectives of the mentee and, if possible, discipline to which the mentee aspires. However, we have a finite number of mentors, so matching sectors is not always possible.

How often do the meetings take place

Usually, you will meet your mentor once a month and each meeting should last for sixty to ninety minutes. You should agree the most convenient form of communication between meetings, so that you maximise the benefit of face-to-face meetings and the mentee can come to each meeting having made progress on previous, agreed objectives.

How long does the mentoring last?

Mentoring Pathways runs for 10 Months. We encourage mentors and mentees to meet once a month face-to-face, either at the mentor’s place of work or at a mutually convenient location.

What is the process of becoming a mentor?

AWE GPS Mentoring Project have an expert Mrs Mala Shah who will train mentors for 4 hours (2 session) which can be done within two weeks.

Mentors will receive a certificate qualifying them to be mentors.

We will only offer mentorship training for free the first 20 applicants. Thereafter a fee of 30 Euro will be charged to cover administration costs

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